Correction: Bad Graph

Numbers and graphs are hard even for numbers and graphs professionals.

I posted a graph of Desmos usage in my last newsletter that was incorrect. It expressed curriculum usage as a fraction of lessons run divided by total possible lessons that could have been run, and it’s come to my attention that my calculation of total possible lessons was too large by an amount I’m still sorting out. Please accept my apology for a careless error with numbers and graphs.

While you’re here, I hope you’ll take a look at our commenters who are writing thoughtfully about their approaches to “opportunity loss.” Leeanne Branham describes a common theme of “weaving” old and new ideas together that we’ll return to.

Having used the [Desmos] curriculum for the first time myself this summer with students who had struggled during the school year, the readiness checks were a great guide to what previous topics needed to be woven in. The curriculum is so inviting that there was 100% zero need to teach a unit of missed material. They could all find a way into that first lesson.